The teacher took the register by calling out each child's name. A book of such entries. An entry in such a book. The act of registering. A certificate issued by the collector of customs of a port or district to the owner of a vessel, containing the description of a vessel, its name, ownership, and other material facts.


A variety or level of language used in a specific social setting: speaking in an informal register; writing in a scientific register. v. reg·is·tered, reg·is·ter·ing, reg·is·ters. 1. a. To enter in an official register. b. To enroll officially or formally, especially in order to vote or attend classes. 2.

—. Le baromètre a enregistré le changement de pression atmosphérique. I had to fill in a form to register my account. —. J'ai dû compléter un formulaire pour enregistrer mon compte. Synonyms for register in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for register.

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I understand. en. Dictionary: Vetenskapsrådet logotyp Register-based research. Research using data from one or several registers provided 

The receptionist registered the guests' names in the computer. — Der Rezeptionist trug die Namen der Gäste in den Computer ein. sich Akk einschreiben v.

Register dictionary

Ansible to register to a dictionary or dynamic variable for several tasks. 2. Ansible: Save registered variables to file. 4. Return Variable from Included Ansible

Register dictionary

strator . - V . a . Inregistrera , uppRéfuse , s . xfffum , afskrap , hwad som tedna . = ing , s .

Register dictionary

2021-04-13 · A register is an official list or record of people or things. registers of births, deaths, and marriages. Synonyms: list, record, roll, file More Synonyms of register. 2. transitive verb/intransitive verb. reg•is•try.
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